As many others, during teen years he submerged himself in DJing and managed to do such things in which not all succeed, that means, keeping the same passion for playing and remaining faithful to the music propagated. Till now, the same indomitable youthful thrill converts him from a serious person at the daytime to a tearaway by a desk at the nighttime.

Since early attempts for DJing in 1999 when progressive house rhythms were sounding, the first parties in 2001 that were organized by him when tribal fever were storming, the germs of Deep Frequency in 2003 when electro bolts were banging and till contemporary tech house depths, the distinctive style of music played by Sat has been formatted, connecting into synthesis of the energetic and sparkling genres in twilight light. Because of this variety, while he plays, the every time dance floor as if becomes taken into different planes of energy.

Some time after the beginning of DJing, another significant Sat’s stage – party organization – started. Namely these underground dances organized by Sat and colleagues in various clubs, bars, and unusual places became the reason of rise of his created Deep Frequency team that gave a sense to this name not only as the triplet of DJs, but also as the parties that don’t pity legs and health.

Thanks to organized and guest parties, the map of Sat’s DJing extended to all Lithuania, as well as to Poland, Latvia, and United Kingdom. Recently, Artur stands by the DJ desk mostly in native Klaipeda, in Kiwi club that has become his official residence.

Formerly, in 2006, when Global club was working there, Sat together with the colleagues Uncle Roll and Yakoff started the set of events called Music Colors that fared successfully many years and gave the beginning of massive Deep Frequency raves, and presented well-known Lithuanians from club music scenes, as well as such foreign DJs as Anthony Pappa, Shlomi Aber, Guy J, Phonique, Luke Dzierzek, Oliver Klein, Robert Babicz, Rob Mooney, James Talk, Alan Fitzpatrick etc.

These names reflect half of sound Sat cannot resist. Another half is represented by such producers as  Stimming, Spektre, Steve Mac, Guy Gerber, Mark Romboy, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn, Elke klejn, Oxia, Dr. Kucho, Jay Lumen, Mark Knight, Dusty Kid, Steve Lawrer, Ritchty Hawtin, Gui Borrato, Umec, Robert Babizc, Shlomi Aber, Oliver Hunteman, and Oliver Moldan. Considerable influence to Sat’s well-liked sound was done by such publishings as Bedrock, Get Physical, Kling Klong, Viva Music, Cocoon Records, Great Stuff, and Systematic.

It seems that Sat’s creation before long could begin to circle in other DJ’s tops and players; recently, he together with colleagues from Deep Frequency spends much time in the recording studio, constructing the own dynamite for dance floors, desired for years and set with the moments of best parties.